Physical Activity & Sports

Children and Young People(CYP) with disabilities tend to be more restricted in their participation of sports and physical activities than their peers: a gap that widens as children become adults. One way in which we assist is creating an opportunity CYP with disabilities to participate fully in the lives of their families and communities is by promoting participation in sports and physical activities.

We are encouraging them to get physically active to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. .

We offer an inclusive environment that is supportive of people with disabilities to remove barriers of stigma and isolation. The primary goals for regular sports and physical activity in CYP with disabilities are to reverse deconditioning secondary to impaired mobility, optimize physical functioning, and enhance overall well-being. Regular physical activity is essential for the maintenance of normal muscle strength, flexibility, and joint structure and function. Others include Enhanced health and wellbeing for CYP with disabilities eg Cerebral Palsy people with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities. Our sports and physical activities include but not limited to:


Adapted tennis

Table to cricket


Table bowling



Throwball/ Basket ball and others


‘Beat it’ is to introduce regular music sessions into our activities to enable bring out the creative potential of CYP with disabilities. It will also be an opportunity for them to listen, learn and be part of a team… Music is a key element in learning, it motivates us all to develop skills in movement, noise making, sign language and touch as well for instance holding an instrument, exploring its sound and than making a noise, a powerful tool for expression. The sessions will be planned to start from 2 to 18 year olds in a way be benefit the individual or group of children. Some of the benefits include; Increasing communication. Developing skills such as listening, sharing and turn taking, Increasing Self Confidence. Having time and space to share difficulties or problems non-verbally, Promoting independence. Developing co-ordination and motor control. Developing an awareness of self and other Developing healthy ways of interacting with others.


A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a two- or three-dimensional video display device such as a touchscreenvirtual reality headset or monitor/TV set.

For kids with special needs, video games can offer opportunities to practice everything from communication skills to organization — even social interactions — in a comfortable environment where players set the pace. 

In the past year we have introduce electronic gaming to our list if activities by providing an accessible and adaptable switches and devices and offering a hub for innovation and the use of technology for CYP with disabilities. Benefits include: communication, motor skills. Organisation and more.



There is always the opportunities for outdoor play and trips to local attractions and beyond to create a lasting experience for our service users. Areas of visits includes: Bowling Arcade, Museum, animal farm etc.

Workshops/Seminars/ Webinar

The Anchor organizes workshops, seminars and webinars bridge the gap between parent/carers and Professionals on various topics such as Mental Health, Relationships, Educational Health and Care plan(EHCP), Cerebral Palsy etc.