After Leslie and Fred got married, Emmanuel was conceived and the happily married couple were expectant with glee to welcome their first baby boy. He was everything they
dreamed he would be, and was named Emmanuel (Manny) which means God is with us.
As faith would have it, three months into the pregnancy, we realised Manny would be born earlier than expected.
In July 2004, he was born extremely premature at 25 weeks, weighing just 1Ib 13oz or 820g. He was kept in an incubator for four months in intensive care. In the course of the treatment after birth he sustained an injury which caused him to lose his left hand.
At two years, Manny was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy (CP), a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury.
He uses a wheelchair for his mobility. The CP affects his mobility (fine and gross motor) skills and his eye sight. Manny needs
significant ongoing support due to his learning disability.
Emmanuel is however very sociable, happy dude who would like to motivate and act as advocate for his peers and adults alike.
He has had a positive impact on his immediate family and all the stakeholders involved in his development. He and his lovely sister Abigail are such a pair to have around.
The Anchor came about as we found lack of support among parents /carers and almost non availability of recreational activities for children like Manny. 
It is our widows mite contribution to  our community especially to families with children with disabilities in Royal Greenwich and neighbouring boroughs.